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Prices mentioned for camping are based on a small camper with 2 adults and no electricity. If possible we always try to bargain for a discount


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Estonia 2017

General information

Currency: Euro

Internet: Free Wi-Fi in almost bars, restaurants, hotels or campsites

ATM's: available everywhere

Creditcards: accepted in most places (gas stations, hotels, restaurants and shops)

Safety: In general OK

Route 2017

Days: 4 days

Period:  End of August

Weather:  Chilly with periods of sun, clouds and some rain. Temperatures during the day between 16 - 20 degrees. During the night it was already quite cold. In Vosu, in the north, it was just above 0 in the night.  

Prices (per 2017)

General: In general Estonia is the most expensive of the 3 Baltic countries.

Fuel: As diesel is slightly more expensive then in Latvia we stocked up there. As we can carry 200 liters there was no need to get fuel in Estonia. So no data on the costs.  

Camping: We paid between € 12,- and € 17,- per night for camping for 2 persons and a car (no electricit


No visa needed for EU citizens.

Border crossing

Entry & Exit: No checks


General: All roads we drove are tarmac and in good condition.

To Kiipsaare lighthouse: to road to the parking area from where you must walk is off road. Rough and slightly rocky in some places but when not very wet it should be doable with a normal car.

Fees for toll roads, briges, tunnels and ferries

Ferry to Saaremaa: € 14,50 for a one way ticket for 2 people and 1 car. The Landcruiser was charged as a normal car here.

Highlights or not

Laheema NP: We just drove through the area and stayed 1 night in Vosu. So we cannot judge the area very well. You probably need to do some activities. Just driving through you mainly see forests which for us was quite boring.

Vosu: small not very special village but the bar is nice.

Tallinn: For us the most beautiful city of the 3 Baltic capitals. We really loved this place. There are so many small streets, squares and amazing buildings to discover. Best to get here with public transport as parking is quite expensive (€ 1,50 per 30 minutes).

KGB museum: located on the top floor of the Viru hotel (opposite the old town). You need to book a tour in advance to visit it. We did not go here. Must be good from what we heard.

Muhu & Saaremaa: Islands just of the coast of Estonia. We liked driving around the island and visit some small villages and enjoy the views.

Paldiski: Known for its steep white cliffs. Finding them was a hassle as they are not signposted. To us the cliffs were dissapointing as they were nothing special. The cliffs at Panga at Saaremaa island are nicer.

Kiipsaare lighthouse (on Saaremaa island): old tall lighthouse at the northern tip of the island (due to erosian it is now located in the sea). To get here you must drive an offroad track untill about 4 km from the lighthouse. There you can park your car and walk the last 4 km.

Angla Windmills (on Saaremaa island): Some traditional wooden windmills. You can pay a fee and visit the inside onaoyou can see them from the road (which is for free)

Koguva (on Muhu island): small but very beautiful countryside village at Muhu island. The houses made of stones, wood and with thatched roofs covered with mosses perfectly blend with the lush green surroundings.

Kuressaare (on Saaremaa island): Nice village with some beautiful old houses. One of the 3 major spa retreats at the East Sea coast. During sovjet times a popular holiday location for members of the communist party.

Panga Pank: Seaside area known for its cliffs. Not sure if it is allowed but this would be a good spot for wild camping especially in low season (you will probably have the place for yourself then).

Rummu underwater prison: visiting is at your own risk but the place should be very special (see info on atlasobscura). We however did not succeed in finding it. All roads that we found had a dead end or closed gates.

Restaurants & accomodation worth mentioning

O'Korts in Vosu: Nice bar to hang out. On the terrace you will have sun untill just before the sun sets.

Ku-Kuu restaurant in Kuressaare: Famous restaurant in the area. We had lunch here. The food was good although not the best we ever had. Special was the atmosphere though. We had a nice table in a corner with the tainted windows.


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EE-BAR     N59°34.653     E25°57.999

VOSU, O'Korts, nice place to have a drink and hang out on the terrace. The terrace has sun untill just before the sun sets.

EE-CAMP01     N59°34.564     E25°56.143

VOSU, Camping Lepispea. Big campsite near the sea. There were lots of mosquitos. Showers have very hot water! Price was € 17,- per night for 2 persons and a car (no electricity)

EE-CAMP02     N59°26.859     E24°48.563

TALLINN, City camp. Camper place not far from the center just behind the exibitions halls. Place is nothing more than a parking area but location is convenient for visiting the city. Showers in the sports facilities of the hall. Price was € 17,- per night for 2 persons and a car. Just in front of the exhibition hall there is a busstop to the city center (€ 2,- per person for a one way ticket)

EE-CAMP03     N58°10.789     E22°15.121

SAAREMAA, Tehumardi campsite. Very nice spacious campsite that even had its own small lake for swimming. On the campsite it is allowed to have a bonfire. Wood was for free we just had to chop it ourselves. Also Free Wi-Fi. Price was € 12,- per night for 2 persons and a car (no electricity)

EE-CLIFFS     N59°23.348     E24°02.315

PALDISKI, it is a waste of time to go here. The town is not nice and the cliffs nothing special. Looks much better on the pictures than in reality.

EE-FERRY1     N58°34.442     E23°30.613

VIRTSU, From here you can take the ferry to Saaremaa

EE-FERRY2     N58°34.406     E23°23.511

KUIVASTU, Ferry from Saaremaa back to the mainland.  

EE-KOGUVA     N58°35.714     E23°04.987

KOGUVA, small but very beautiful countryside village at Muhu island. The houses made of stones, wood and with thatched roofs covered with mosses perfectly blend with the lush green surroundings.

EE-LIGHTH     N58°28.428     E21°54.129

KIIPSAARE Lighthouse. This waypoint is the parking area from where you must walk the last 4km. To get here you must follow an dirt road.

EE-MILLS     N58°31.533     E22°42.027

ANGLA, wooden windmills.  

EE-MUSTARD     N58°33.815     E22°23.690

SAAREMAA MUSTARD, somewhere along the road. Place that sells traditional home made mustard in all flavours. Some of flavours come from plants typically for the region.

EE-PANGA     N58°34.200     E22°17.430

PANGA PANK (at Saaremaa). Know for its cliffs. Also nice seaview from here.

EE-PARKING     N59°26.483     E24°45.000

TALLINN OLD TOWN, Parking € 1,50 for 30 minutes

EE-PRISON     N59°13.602     E24°11.760     

RUMMU Underwater Prison. Should be an amazing place but it is hard to find. We tried to get there but all roads and entries we tried were dead ends or entry was blocked.