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Vilar Formoso


Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Prices mentioned for camping are based on a small camper with 2 adults and no electricity.  

Portugal 2016

General information

Currency: Euro

Internet: Free Wi-Fi available in many bars, restaurants, hotels or campsites

ATM's: available everywhere

Creditcards: accepted in most places (gas stations, hotels, restaurants and shops)

Safety: In general OK. There were no issues although we did not do much wild camping so no info on that.

Route 2016

Days: 6 days

Period:  Beginning of July

Weather:  Sunny and warm (between 20 and 25 degrees). No rain. Very windy around Sagres.

Prices (per July 2016)

Fuel: Diesel is Euro 1,08 per liter.

Camping: Campsites were a bit cheaper than in Spain. We spent between €10,- and € 17,-. This were mid season prices. Although not even high season yet some campsite were already quite busy.  


No visa needed for EU citizens.

Border crossing

Entry & Exit: No checks


General: All roads we drove are tarmac and in good condition.

San Vincente to Carrapateira: Here you can follow a gravel road with nice views of the ocean and some lovely beaches (Carrapateira is a beautiful beach)

Fees for toll roads, briges, tunnels and ferries

Toll prices in Portugal are per  category.

Highways: Some major highways are toll roads. Note that there are different ways of paying toll in Portugal. Some roads have gates where you can pay in cash or with credit card. However there are also toll roads where only electronic payment is possible. These road are clearly signposted and called: "Electronic Toll only or Portagem Electronica". Driving there roads can be confusing as there are toll gates but nobody stops you and there is no clear explanation about the rules. You can just use them without payment. It is your own responsibility. But be carefull you can be fined for not paying toll when you are cought. The fine can be € 25,- to € 125,- and will be send to your home address.

If you want to use "electronic" toll road there are a few ways to pay.

1. Register your licence plate in combination with your credit card. All toll payments will be deducted automatically afterwards. Registration is free of charge and can be done at "Welcome posts" available at some borders. As proof of registration you receive a slip that is valid for 30 days.

Welcome posts are available at the following places:

          A28 - servicestation Viana do Castelo

          A24 - op 3,5 km van de grens Chaves/Verin

          A25 - servicestation Alto Leomil (Vilar Formoso)

          A22 - Vila Real de Santo António

2. Prepaid tollcards of €5,-, €10,- €20,- or €40,-. Cards are available at some gas stations, service points CTT post offices or through internet: or Cards are valid for one year or until the money is finished.

3. For a short stay there is also the possibility of a 3 day ticket. This ticket has a fixed price of €20,- and not valid for every vehicle category. Available on airports and some service points or through internet:

Bridge near Lissabon: € 3,80 for a normal car, payable in cash.

Our experience concerning toll: whilst visiting we were not aware of above mentioned regulations and options. To be safe we skipped all electronic toll roads (we like the smaller roads anyway). That was very good possible except for the last stretch out of the country. We unintended ended up on an electronic toll road without any registration or prepaid card and no service points available. We decided to continue and take our chances. In the end all went well and we never received a fine. (despite camera's on the road at the border). If we would ever visit Portugal again we would definitely register.

Highlights or not

Fuseta and Ria Formasa lagoon: Fuseta is a laidback fishing village located near a nice lagoon with shallow water and a nice beach. From the harbour you can also take a water taxi (price € 1,70 per person return) to  Ilha de Armona and reach the beach at the ocean.

Faro: Nice city to visit.

Lagos: Nice village that holds the reputation of being the most beautiful village of the Algarve. We liked strolling around the old center although quite busy with tourists.

Cabo Sao Vicente: most southwesterly tip of Europe. Wind blown tip with high cliffs and a small lighthouse. Having driven to the most northern place we definitely wanted to visit this spot.

Porto Covo: small seaside village . Not a main tourist attraction but we liked the atmosphere and the small center with lost of restaurants.

Sintra: village in the center of Portugal. The village and surrounding hills are dotted with fairy tale palaces and castles. From the center you can catch a bus to visit one or more castles (Entry fee required). Although not extremely expensive the entry fees really add up especially when you want to visit several buildings. We did not visit any of the buildings but just strolled around and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Obidos: Well preserved medieval walled town. Place attracts busloads of tourists but nevertheless well worth a visit. We visited very early before the crowds. Entry as well as parking was free of charge.

P-CAMP01   N37°03.171  W007°44.687

Fuseta, Campismo Fuseta. Very crowded but still nice place and quite cheap (mid season price was 12,40,- per night no power). Friendly run place where local tourist and foreigners mix. Fuseta itself is also a nice village with some good restaurants for fish. Nearby the campsite is a nice beach and a shallow lagoon. You can also catch a small boat (water taxi) that brings to the seaside beach on the other side of the lake.

P-CAMP02   N37°01.405  W008°56.736

Large campsite with lots of pine trees. Good place but sometimes very windy and chilly. Depends on the weather. We did however like this place. Attracts also quite some adventure travellers and surfers. Price was 18,40 per night no power.

P-CAMP03   N37°51.166  W008°47.177

Camping Porto Covo. Very crowded and small places. Within walking distance of a very nice small village. Price was 15,60 euro per night.

P-CAMP04   N38°58.683  W009°25.128

Camping Ericeira, located in a surfing area with some nice beaches nearby. Camping is very large and was not extremely crowded when we were there. Price was 17,- euro per night no power.

P-CAMP05   N40°32.170  W007°16.598

Guarda, Camping municipal Guarda. Not a very nice place but cheap and fine for a stop over. Nearby village looked nice but we did not visited it. Price was 10,- euro.

P-PARK1   N37°00.849  W007°56.151

Parking near the city centr of Faro

P-CAPE   N37°01.421  W008°59.685

Cape Sant Vicente

P-FORT   N37°00.107  W008°56.867


P-OBIDOS   N39°21.544  W009°09.434

Free parking near Obidos. Very nice historical village. Definitely worth a visit.

P-SINTRA   N38°47.463  W009°22.815

Sintra. Small village in the center of Portugal. The village is filled with many fairy tale palaces and castles. Although not cheap many can be visited. Even when you will not enter one of the buildings the village is still worth a visit.