Travel stories of other travellers

For us travel stories are by far the most important source of information. Below you will find a list of links. Site with lots of GPS data are marked.

TIP! - List of overlander websites - List of overlander websites - Information onf Panamericana travelling - List of Panamerica travellers - World record holders Emil en Liliana, already traveller for more than 25 years - Sabine and Thomas overlanding all around the world - Heike and Danny overland to Asia - Rose and Dave, several overland trips and lots of useful info - Jan and Mona driving the Panamericana - Travels through Africa and South America - Margriet and Jan, travels through Africa and South America - Martin and Nicole, Overlanding the world, site with lots of info - Bärbel and Joachim in South America, site with lots of info - Heike and Bernd, Panamericana, lots of info - Kathrin and Ueli, Africa and Panamericana GPS - From Alaska to Brasil, site with lots of info - Marian and Piet in South America  GPS   -   Betty and Gerard, lots of expeditions around the world   -   Rob and Nettie in preparation  GPS   -   Karin-Marijke and Coen, long time travellers in Asia and South America   -   Manon riding in a tractor from Holland to Cape town and finishing on the South Pole   -   Henk and Marianne travelling the world with their Toyota GPS - Robert and Clary, with a truck around the world, left Australia 2010 - Rini and Ronald, many travels with their Landcruiser - Magda and Fred, in a Landcruiser through Australie, February 2011 - Jeffrey and Twan, around Africa , departure May 2012 - Roland and Iris, Amsterdam to Singapore, August 2011 - Rob and Esther, via Turkey (ferry to Egypte) to South Africa, November 2011 - Harald and Mariska in a Landcruiser through South East Africa and South America - Frank and Martine, several overland trips (Australia, Mongolia) - Maria and Jos, several overland trips (South America, North America, Mongolia)   -   Simon and Megan,  overland to Australia, 2011   - An and Jo overland ti Japan and from Africa back to Belgium   -   Rory and Lucy with a Mercedes Sprinter through West Africa   -   Maurice and Nadine, overland through Africa, Asia, Australia, departure 2010   -   Marlous and Gerard, with a VW van overland through Africa   -   Bram and Anouk, overland to Vladivostok and from North to South America  GPS   -   Sabine and Burkhard, several overlantrips and 4x4 in the Alps (military tracks)   -   Ton and Chris, many trips through Europe   -   Ton and Jose, overland through Africa where they built a home   -   Emiel and Saskia, through Africa, Middle East and Central Asia to Mongolia   -   Claire and Leon, overland through North Africa, Middle East and Asia   -   Laura and Vegter, via Libya and East Africa to South Africa  GPS   -   Mirjam and Emiel,  through Africa, Canada, North and Central America  GPS   -   Dirk and Marieken, overland from Europe through Asia to Australiae  GPS   -   Overland through Asia and the Middle East   -   Erik and Jolanda, through the Middle East to South Africa, 2007   -   Tom and Laura, from Holland to Cape Town along the west coast, 2007   -   Norbert and Ruth, via Asia to Australia, 2006   -   Marly and Sander, overland through Asia, 2006  GPS   -   Niels and Gemma, around Africa, 2005  GPS   -   Inge and Olaf, via the Middle East to South Africa, 2006  GPS   -   Casper and Sylvia, 10 months through Southern Africa   -   Klaas, Holland to Cape Town and Alaska to Tierra del Fuego   -   Brenda and Taco, overland through Africa, 2008   -   Ine and Patrick, 4 months through Southern Africa, 2008   -   Overland to soccer world championships   -   Ursula and Adriano, overland from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego   -   Taina and Niklaus, Western Africa and South America