Markus & Belinda

Born (1971) and raised in Winschoten, a small town in the North Eastern part of Groningen, a province in the Netherlands. Although we both have the same age and we were both born and raised in the same area, it lasted until highschool before we first met eachother. During this period, we were just classmates, but nevertheless we share some great memories; especially our school trip to Münster. After highschool we both went our own way, until several years later when we met again. This time there was a spark and our first date was an evening to the movies. From that moment on we stayed together and at the end of 2006 we got married. 

Travelling together

Travelling is our greatest passion. Because we know eachother for many years, we can make eachother out. We know eachothers weaknesses and strenghts. During travelling we always quickly agree. We like to be on the move (staying at one place too long makes us restless), we do like a city, but no longer than a few days (we really love space and calm surroundings), we love (wild) animals, we enjoy activities and sportive challenges and a visit to a museum is interesting, but not too often and definitely not too long; we'd rather be amongst local people. Next to our common interests we also are, on some levels, completely different. However in these differences we do are complementary to one another. It is like Markus stated very striking lately: "when I drive and you navigate, we can cross the whole world".