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Curonian Split





(Hill of crosses)




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Prices mentioned for camping are based on a small camper with 2 adults and no electricity. When possible we always bargain for a discount.  


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Lithuania 2017

General information

Currency: Euro

Internet: Free Wi-Fi available in many bars, restaurants, hotels or campsites

ATM's: available everywhere

Creditcards: accepted in most places (gas stations, hotels, restaurants and shops)

Safety: In general OK

Route 2017

Days: 5 days

Period:  End of August (outbound), Beginning of September (homeward)

Weather:  Around 20 degrees. Partially clouded but mostly dry.

Prices (per 2017)

Fuel: Of the Baltics diesel was most expensive in Lithuania. We did not got fuel here.  

Camping: We paid between €10,- and €20,- for 2 persons and a car (no electricity).


Lithuania is member of the European Union. No visa needed for EU citizens.

Border crossing

Entry & Exit: No checks


General: All roads we drove are tarmac and in good condition.

Fees for toll roads, briges, tunnels and ferries

Ferry to Curonian Split (Klaipeda to Neringa): Ferry runs many times a day. Price for the ferry depends on the vehicle category listed on your car papers. The size of you vehicle does not matter only the code on your paper counts. This was bad luck for us as our Landcruiser has the size of a normal vehicle but as it is registered as a camper we needed to pay the camper fee which was the same price as for all the huge campers. Price for a camper is € 30,- for a return ticket.

Curonian Split: To drive the Curonian Split you need to pay a National Park fee which is € 5,- per visit regardless the number of days you would like to stay.

Highlights or not

Curonian Split: Small stretch of land with high sand dunes and nice small villages. Entry to the National park is € 5,-

Nida: Nice small village with colourful wooden houses at the southern tip of the Curonian Split.

Dead Dunes of the Curonian Split: Having seen the dunes in the Sahara or Namib this place is small and less impressive but the nature is nice here especially at the end of the day with soft light.  Entry fee for the dunes is € 2,- per person.

Hill of Witches (Curonian Split): Walking trail on a hill with some 80 wooden sculptures. Strange but nice.

Kaunas: Nice old town center with a great shopping street with lots of bars and terraces. City has one of the best Indian restaurants we have eaten. (Marsala City).  

Trakai: Big gothic castle beautiful located on an island in the lake. Castle is nicely restored. Definitely worth a visit. Entry fee is € 7,50 per person (camera fee is € 1,50 per camera). We only paid for the Nikon. We did not pay for the Iphone but still used it to take some pictures. We had no problems. Note it can be very crowded here.

Vilnius: Capital with a nice old town center with lots of old houses, churches and palaces. Also worth a visit is the Uzupis. This part of the old town is a self declared republic founded by bohemians. Uzupis its own currency, flag and not so common constitution which is published on a large wall in many languages (great law you should read it). This part of town is popular with artists and has many nice shops and galleries.

Hill of Crosses: Remarkable site near the village of Siauliai. On a small hill in the middle of a field there are more than 100.000 crosses left for all kind of reasons. Entry is free.

Restaurants & accomodation worth mentioning

Marsala City:  One of the best Indian restaurants we have ever eaten. If you love Indian food you must definitely go here. Located in a small alley of the central shopping street in the old town of Kaunas.

Laeye: Good Chinese restaurant in the old town of Vilnius. The has some very tasty vegetarian options.


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LT-CAMP01     N55°17.924     E20°58.853

NIDA (Curonian Split), Camping Nida. Nice place in the woods and within just a short walk from the beach. Place can be crowded in high season. Price was €20,- per night (€5,- per person and €10,- for the car that was charged as minibus). Showers free.

LT-CAMP02     N54°54.917     E23°50.067

KAUNAS, Kaunas camp inn. Comfortable campsite with free wifi and very clean toilets and showers. Price € 13,- for 2 persons and a car (no power).

LT-CAMP03     N54°40.106     E24°55.758

TRAKAI, Kempingas Slenis. At the the lake near Trakai with nice views of the castle. Price € 14,20 per night (after bargaining)

LT-CAMP04     N54°40.681     E25°18.135

VILNIUS, Downtown forest Hostel and Campsite. Hostel within walking distance of the old town. Place has a small parking available for camping with a vehicle. Shower and toilet inside the hostel. Price € 21,- per night. Free wifi available.

LT-CROSS     N56°00.917     E23°25.000

SIAULIAI, Hill of Crosses

LT-DUNES     N55°26.523     E21°04.322


LT-FERRY     N55°41.324     E21°08.371

KLAIPEDA, Ferry to Neringa. Fee based in vehicle category on your car papers. Price for campers is € 30,- for a return trip.

LT-GEOGRAP     N54°54.391     E25°19.137

Geographic Center of Europe

LT-PARK     N54°53.741     E23°53.737

KAUNAS, small parking near the old town. Not suitable for larger vehicles.

LT-TRAKAI     N54°39.163     E24°56.040

TRAKAI, castle

LT-WITCHES     N55°32.134     E21°07.034

CURONIAN SPLIT, Hill of Witches.