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El Burgo




Zahara de los Atunes





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Prices mentioned for camping are based on a small camper with 2 adults and no electricity.  


Mezquita in Cordoba: Every morning between 8:30 and 9:30 you can visit the place free of charge.

Alhambra in Granada: Access is limited. In high season tickets can be sold out far in advance. So best to book in advance through internet. If you do not succeed; on the site they also have a limited number of last minute tickets. To try your luck go as early as possible.

Gibraltar: Fuel is cheaper there. Crossing the border and fill up your here can save quite some money.

General information

Currency: Euro

Internet: Free Wi-Fi available in almost every bar, restaurant, hotel or campsite

ATM's: available everywhere

Creditcards: accepted in most places (gas stations, hotels, restaurants and shops)

Safety: In general OK. There were no issues although we did not do much wild camping so no info on that.

Andalusia 2016

Route 2016

Days: 12 days

Period:  June

Weather:  Sunny and already quite hot especially in Cordoba were is was around 35 degrees. July and August will even be more hot.

Prices (per June 2016)

Fuel: Diesel is Euro 1,10 per liter.

Camping: Here and there you will find some camper spots where you can sometimes stay free of charge. Campsites cost between €20,- and €27,- per night for 2 persons, one normal size car and without electricity.  This are mid season prices. High season might ba a bit more expensive.


No visa needed for EU citizens.

Border crossing

Entry & Exit: No checks


General: All roads we drove were tarmac and in good condition.

El Burgo - Ronda: Nice road to drive. We liked the scenery.

Fees for toll roads, briges, tunnels and ferries

Major Highways: Some major highways are toll roads. In total we paid around € 50,- for the roads we drove. Toll can be paid in cash of with Visa

Highlights or not

Ubeda: Small Spanish city, nice for a short stop

Baeza: Small Spanish city, nive for a short stop

Cordoba: Andalusian City with lots of Arabic influences. Defenitely worth a visit. One of the hottest town in Spain. Worth visiting is the Roman bridge, the Juderia (old Jewish quarter with lots of shops and restaurants) the Puerta de puente (old city gate) and the Mezquita (a Moorish mosk)

Mezquita: Famous Moorish mosk in Cordoba. A very special building and definitely worth a visit. Early in the morning between 8:30 and 9:30 entry is free. Later on the day you must pay.

Grenada: Nice Andalusian city with lots of Arabic influences. Worth visiting is El Albaicin (old Arab quarter), Sacromonte (nice old quarter where lots of gypsies used to live) and the world famous Alhambra.

Alhambra: Famous Moorish fort and palace. Entry is limited and in high season often fully booked for weeks ahead. To ensure your entry you can better book a ticket through internet well in advance. If booking in advance is not possible or when the website mentions that no tickets are available anymore do not be discouranged. Mostly there are some open tickets available on the spot as well. As also these are limited your best bet is to go as early as possible. We did and were lucky to obtain some tickets even though according to internet they were sold out. Price for a ticket was € 14,- per person including a visit to the palace (which can only be visited on the time stated on your ticket). Although getting in was quite a hassle it was definitely worth it. The palace is amazing.

Gaudix: village known for its cave houses. Nice place to visit.

Ronda: very nice village in the heart of Andulusia

Plaza de Toros: Bullfight arena, entry is €7,- per person. Although we hate the event the arena itself is beautiful and the place and museum give a good insight. We really liked this place.

Gibraltar: The city built around a small rock officially belongs to the UK. For visiting you must cross a land border where in our case they carefully checked our passports. The place definitely feels different with typical English icons (post boxes, fish and chips etc.)

Airport Runway in Gibralter: Gibraltar has a road that is a runway and normal road at the same time. Do not be surprised when the traffic lights go red and you must wait for a plane to cross. Like waiting for a train but here there are planes passing by.

Cable car in Gibraltar: Price € 12,75 per person. We did not visit. Note that the berber monkeys not only live at the top of the mountain. We also saw them in the park nearby the center.

Tarifa: Small city at the tip of the continent. We really liked this place. It has a laidback atmosphere and a large surf scene.

Cadiz: crowded and difficult for finding parking space. We drove around the city but had to leave it as we were not able to park somewhere. Center should be nice although the parts we saw whilst driving through were not very special.

Escuela Equestra in Jerez de la Frontera: Home of the Classical Spanish riding school. The show "How the Andalusian horses dance" is amazing. Classic dressage, beautiful Andalusian horses, nice costumes and latin music. The show is every Thursday and during high season also on Tuesday. Both days the show starts at 12:00. Tickets are limited. As you will most likely be able to obtain your ticket on arrival you can also book it in advance through internet just to be sure.

Sevilla: Another nice city. Plaza de Espana is an amazing place (no entry fee) but it is also a nice city to stroll around. We liked Barrio de Santa Cruz (the old Jewish quarter).  

Restaurants & accomodation worth mentioning

El Patio San Eloy - located in downtown Sevilla - Wonderful Andalucian tapas restaurant. At the back it has tiled stairs as seating area. Definitely worth a visit.


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ES-CABLE  N36°07.985  W005°21.084

Gibraltar, Cable car

ES-CAMP01   N41°52.260  W003°44.427

Bushcamp in a field next to the A1. Very nice spot. In a restaurant in a nearby village you can have a shower (see waypoint ES-DOUCHE1)

ES-CAMP02   N38°00.397  W003°22.765

Ubeda, Camperspot. Safe spot close to the center. You can stay for 48 hours. No costs. Also no facilities.

ES-CAMP03   N37°54.041  W004°47.218

Cordoba, Camping El Brillante. Price 27,- euro per night. Small site are 25 euro. The camping is convenient for visiting the city. Opposite the campsite is a busstop. Bus 10 and 11 brings you straight to the center (1,30 euro per person). A taxi will cost around 5,- euro one way.

ES-CAMP04   N37°14.472  W003°37.898

Granada, Camping Granada, located in Peligros about 3km from the city. Camping is convenient for visiting the center. There is a busstop nearby (1km walking). Bus 110 will bring you to the center (ride is about 20 minutes). Price is 1,50 euro per person. For visiting the Alhambra note that the whole trip from the campsite to the palace (bus, taxi and some walking) will take you about 1 hour in total. Price for the taxi ride from the bus stop to the Alhambra was 10,- euro.

ES-CAMP05   N36°44.392   W003°45.169

La Herradura, Nuevo Camping la Herradura. Nicely located near a nice beach of the Costa del Sol. Campsite can be crowded in high season. Price was 22,- per night.

ES-CAMP06   N36°43.193  W005°10.339

Ronda, camping El Sur. Very nice campsite. Especially the spots without electricity have a great view over the village. Place is clean and there is a nice swimming pool. Price was 19,50 euro per night.

ES-CAMP07   N36°02.499  W005°37.840

Tarifa, Camping Rio Jara. Located close to Tarifa and next to a very nice piece of beach. We liked this campsite. Price 25,- euro per night

ES-CAMP08   N36°35.250  W006°14.450

El Puerto de Santa Maria, Camping Las Dunas. Very large campsite. Not the kind of campsite we like but one of the best options nearby Cadiz. From the campsite you can take a ferry across the bay to visit Cadiz. Price 20,34 euro per night.

ES-CAMP09   N37°16.667  W005°56.217

Dos Hermanas (near Sevilla). Camping Villsom. Village nearby Sevilla. There is a busstop nearby for visiting the city. Campsite has Wi-Fi, laundry and a swimming pool. Convenient for a visit to Sevilla. Price 20,40 per night no power.

ES-CAMP10   N42°50.548  W003°04.135

Villanana, Camping Angosto. Located in a very nice country side area in northern Spain. Camping has a heated indoor swimming pool. Price 18,30 euro per night no power.

ES-DOUCHE1   N41°46.868   W003°41.744

Shower in a restaurant, close to bushcamp (waypoint ES-CAMP01), price for shower is 2,- euro per person

ES-ELBURGO   N36°47.463  W004°57.121

El Burgo, nice mountain village on the road between Ronda and Coin.

ES-GUADIX   N37°17.684  W003°08.503

Guadix, cave houses

ES-LIGHTHO   N36°06.659  W005°20.729

Gibraltar light house

ES-MC   N36°41.647  W006°09.499

Mc Donalds near Jerez with good Wi-Fi

ES-NICOLS   N37°34.395  W004°15.763

Estacion de Luque. Restaurant Nicols is located in an old railway station (on the olive trail between Granada and Cordoba). Nice place to stop and have a break. There is a shop where you can buy olive oil and other goodies as well.

ES-PARK1   N36°41.734  W006°08.263

Jerez de la Frontera, Parking space nearby the riding school for Andalucian horses. Definitely worth visiting the show and watch the Andalusian horses dance.

ES-PAS   N37°06.812  W003°01.759

Nice stop on the top of the A337. A nice winding road crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains. Although officially not allowed this would be a great stop for a bushcamp as well. Next time we will definitely stay here.

ES-TIRES   N36°42.647  W004°28.969

Malaga, Euromaster, supplier of BF Goodrich AT tires